Contractual hitches affect township road project

Sable Construction Company has delayed to complete works on the 35 kilometre Chipata urban roads.

The contract period for the 153.5 million Kwacha project is 8 months from the date of the Variation Order approval on September 14th 2015.

But when contacted for a comment Sable Construction Company Operations Manager Nazir Alloo acknowledged the delay but says the company has some contractual issues to resolve before resuming the road works.

Mr. Alloo says he is aware that the company has delayed to complete the works but is committed to finish when contractual issues are resolved.

And when asked if the company has been paid by government for the works, Mr. Alloo could neither confirm nor deny but maintained that only contractual issues are to be resolved.

The company has assured that it will finish the road works on Kalindawalo, Findeco and Kawalala roads before the rain season this year.

UPND against creation of new ministries

The opposition United Party for National Development, UPND in Eastern Province says members of parliament should have waited for the economy to get better, before approving the creation of four more new ministries.

UNPD Provincial Publicity and Information Secretary, Victor Mbuzi, says that the current economic situation is not conducive for creation of new ministries because it will lead to more government spending.

He says the MPs should have looked at the suffering many Zambians are going through, before allowing government to continue spending more money.

Mr. Mbuzi wondered why the MPs supported the creation of the ministries, when the country has had to look to IMF, the International Monitory Fund for economic recovery assistance and civil servants are not receiving their salaries on time.

He says that instead, the MPs should have advocated for the reduction of cabinet.

Man nabbed for attempting to exhume coffin

Police in Nyimba district are holding a man who was found attempting to exhume a coffin at a graveyard situated along the Great East Road after Nyimba Bridge.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya has confirmed the incident, which happened yesterday to Breeze News.

Mr. Chilufya says that the man has been charged for interfering with a burial site.

And eye witnesses told Breeze News that the man was spotted trying to exhume the coffin by people a few hours after burial had taken place.

Quick action by police saved the man from an instant justice mob, which was infuriated by the man’s action.

Dog bite cases remain a major challenge in Chadiza district.

Dog bite cases have remained a major challenge in Chadiza district.

This is according to a report from the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock presented at the District Epidemics, Preparedness, Prevention, Control and Management Committee meeting.

Chadiza District Veterinary Officer, Victor Kangwa revealed that 42 dog bite cases were recorded from January to June this year.

Dr. Kangwa says that out of 42 cases, 34 were recommended for post exposure at the hospital.

He says that five suspected rabid dogs were destroyed while 42 dogs were vaccinated with anti-rabies vaccines.

And Dr. Kangwa says that lack of funds to procure anti rabies drugs is hampering the dog vaccination program in the district.

He says that lack of kennels for dog confinement and observation is also a challenge to the department

Meanwhile Chadiza District Medical Officer Jonathan Chama revealed that only 17 people with dog bites were recorded and treated at the hospital.

Dr. Chama says other victims may have accessed medical services elsewhere.

Vendors beat Saturday Market Master

Street vendors yesterday pounced on Saturday market master, Kainisha M’tonga following confusion that has ensued concerning trading spaces.

Market Vice Chairperson, Florida Lungu narrated to Breeze News that Mr. M’tonga was badly beaten by the street vendors near Chipata Golf Course.

Mrs. Lungu says the matter has not yet been reported to the police because Mr. M’tonga who was rescued by some people was nowhere to be seen and had stopped answering his mobile phone.

Mrs. Lungu says the vendors have been threatening to deal with the market committee members for allegedly failing to give them trading spaces despite having supported the council’s move to remove them from Umodzi Highway.

The Market Vice Chairperson says the issue of allocating trading spaces will now need Police officers and officials from the council to resolve it because the vendors have become violent.

She stated that there are enough spaces in the market but what the committee wants is the available spaces to be filled only by traders who had abandoned the stands and not those from other markets.

Some street vendors who have been removed from Umodzi Highway are now trading along Kalindawalo road.

Two teachers fired over vote buying

The Ministry of Education has dismissed two Katete teachers who are on Police wanted list.

Provincial Education Officer, Allan Lingambe confirmed this to Breeze News stating that dismissal letters have been sent to the DEBS, District Education Board Secretary’s Office in Katete.

Dr. Lingambe says his office is just waiting for confirmation from the DEBS, in Katete if the teachers have collected their dismissal letters.

He says that the two teachers had been suspended from work for allegedly involving themselves into vote buying in Chipangali Constituency in Chipata.

Dr. Lingambe explained that the Ministry of Education has taken disciplinary action against the teachers because the offence that they committed was criminal.

The two teachers, Punji Chona Malata and Caroline Munyumbwe, are reported to be on the run.

Government panics over water problem

Government has directed the Department of Water Affairs to come up with a BoQ, Bill of Quantity within ten days for drilling of a borehole and construction of a dam in Chiparamba and M’sanga wards of Chipata district.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo told Water Affairs Engineer, Brian Kalindi that the serious water challenges people are facing in the two areas needs to be addressed soon.

Mr. Kasolo says people in the two areas are walking long distances to fetch water while domestic animals have no permanent Dams to drink water from.

He says his office will not wait on central government to attend to local issues and has engaged business people to contribute resources towards alleviating challenges faced by the local people.

Mr. Kasolo who was accompanied by Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale had gone to assess the water situation in the two wards.

He says the program will also be extended to other areas with similar challenges such as Mambwe.

Confusion ensues at Saturday market over trading spaces

The decision by Chipata Municipal Council to remove vendors trading along Umodzi Highway has caused confusion at Saturday market.

A misunderstanding ensued yesterday at the trading area as the market committee tried to create room for the vendors.

The marketeers refused to accept the vendors in the market despite having empty spaces, claiming that they had paid 150 kwacha for them to be given trading spaces.

But Saturday Market Chairperson Peter Soko told Breeze News that the market committee had no hand in the collection of money, which the traders claimed to have paid.

He explained that the money was a contribution towards the buying of bricks and cement for their stands adding that the money was kept by the marketeers themselves.

Mr. Soko appealed to marketeers to accept and accommodate the vendors because it was not out of their wish that they were removed from the street.

Hundreds celebrate independence as some shun

Hundreds of Chipata residents are celebrating Zambia’s 52nd independence at David Kaunda Stadium in Chipata.

The celebration is characterized by various activities such as silent and battle drills by men and women in uniform, performances by various choirs and majorettes.

And speaking at the occasion, Freedom Fighters Association Provincial Chairperson, Frank Banda has expressed disappointment with opposition political parties for shunning the event.

Mr. Banda, who could not read his speech, says he prepared the speech to address opposition political parties to explain to them the importance of unity.

He described it as a shame that only the ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party participated in marching.

Mr. Banda however, thanked government for recognizing the role of freedom fighters in the amended constitution.

He also thanked President Edgar Lungu for choosing a female vice president as a way of recognizing the importance of women in decision making.

And Mr. Banda appealed to government to come up with a statutory instrument that will include them in the national budget.

Meanwhile Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu, called on youths to be patriotic and embrace the One Zambia One Nation slogan because the future of Zambia is in their hands.

The theme for this year’s independence commemoration is “working for greater unity, hard work and patriotism”.

Eastern Province Minister, Makebi Zulu is gracing the occasion.


The United Party for National Development UPND in Eastern Province has confirmed shunning this year’s Independence Day celebrations.

UPND Provincial Chairperson, Paul Thole says that there is no way the party can be celebrating when most of their national leaders are in custody while others are appearing in court.

Mr. Thole told Breeze News this morning, that as long as their senior party members remain in custody, UPND will not participate in any national event.

He further stated that it is under the same reasons that the opposition political party did not participate in the day of national prayers last week.

And Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD Provincial Chairperson, Jacob Mwanza says his party has not boycotted the event.

Mr. Mwanza says that instructions were issued to all MMD members to participate but wondered why only PF participated in the marching.

Mr. Mwanza further explained that had has not attended the national event because he had a political engagement in Rukuzye Ward of Chipangali Constituency, which will be holding a by-election on November 17.

Meanwhile the Rainbow Party in Eastern Province has confirmed not participating in the event but says it has not boycotted.

Provincial Secretary, Mathews Zulu says that there is no reason for boycotting the event.

Vendors in Chipata given second warning to relocate

Chipata Municipal Council has issued another warning to illegal street vendors trading along Umodzi Highway to vacate.

A statement issued by the local authority has warned that it will be forced to confiscate goods for vendors, who refuse to relocate by today.

The council says that the vendors should move in order to give way to the road contractor Mota Engil to finish the works particularly on the drainage system.