Newly appointed Eastern Provincial Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, to ensure that the budget for the province is delivered correctly in the Province.

Newly appointed Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says that he will ensure that the budget for the province is delivered correctly to ensure that planned developmental projects are achieved.

Speaking during the launch of Zambia’s first APRM, African Peer Review Mechanism reports in Chipata, the PS says he will see to it that the vision for the province is delivered in line with the PF Government manifesto.

Mr. Kasolo says that he will embrace all tribes in the province and work with everyone in promoting unity.

He explained that his task is to ensure that the living standards of people in the province are improved.

Meanwhile, government says that it is ready to promote good governance systems as enshrined in the African Peer Review Mechanism, APRM.

ZANIS reports that Eastern Province permanent secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says that good governance systems can help the country’s growth in social economic development.

Mr. Kasolo said that government created new districts through which developmental projects in the road, mining, tourism, manufacturing and health sectors are being accelerated.

APRM is a review mechanism in which member states look at each other’s performance in relation to good governance systems that promote political stability, high economic growth, sustainable development and accelerated sub-regional and continental economic integration through experience sharing and reinforcement of successful and best practices.

And speaking at the same launch, member of the APRM National Governing Council, Dr. Timothy Kazembe, said that good governance systems can help improve people’s livelihoods.

Lightening has struck a house in Chief Mphamba’s area of Lundazi district leaving the owners homeless.

A family of 5 has been left homeless after a lightening reduced their house to ashes in Chief Mphamba’s area of Lundazi district.
Owner of the house, Ndembela Chilembo of Mphamba village explained to Breeze News that the incident happened around 19:30hrs.
He says that lightning struck the house while all family members were inside the house.
Mr. Chilembo says the incident, which caused panic left one person injured.
He was immediately rushed to Lundazi Community Hospital where he was admitted and is currently receiving medical treatment.
Mr. Chilembo says that all their belongings which include kitchen utensils, beddings and food have been lost in the inferno that gutted the house.
He has appealed to government to assist his family.

Chipata Municipal Council to start the process of expanding the township boundary.

Chipata Municipal Council will this year finally start the process of expanding the township boundary.
Chipata Mayor, Jealous Phiri told Breeze News that the process which was supposed to start last year delayed because most of the ten kilometer land where the local authority identified to extend its township boundaries along the Great East road is on title.
Mr. Phiri however, says that the council has been given another land under D116 in Chief Kapatamoyo’s area and along Chadiza road in Chief Chinkyaku’s area.
He says that the land given is enough for both residential and commercial plots.
And Mr. Phiri has urged business houses to ensure that they start putting up modern buildings as the town will in due time attain a city status.
He says that most business people from the second class trading area and town center will be expected to demolish their old structures and put up modern trading centers to beautify the town.

Chipangali Member of Parliament, Vincent Mwale appointed Sports Minister.

MMD Chipangali Member of Parliament, Vincent Mwale is new sports minister while MMD Mwandi MP Michael Kaingu has been given the post of Minister of Education, Science and Technology.
President Edgar Lungu announced these appointments this morning which has also seen several Ministers retaining their positions with fewer new faces.
Former Sports minister Chishimba Kamwbili has been transferred to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the same capacity.
Kabwata MP, Given Lubinda returns to cabinet in a new role as Minister of Agriculture and Livestock.
Christopher Yaluma also retains his post as Minister of Mines and Minerals Development.
Zambezi West MP Christable Njimbu is the new Minister of Lands.
Fackson Shamenda retains his post as Minister of Labour while Emerine Kabanshi goes to the Ministry of Community Development to pave way for Dr. John Phiri who has taken over as Minister of Local Government and Housing.
Professor Nkandu Luo who was not present during the swearing ceremony has been given the post of Minister of Gender although President Lungu was quick to point out that he will not have a problem appointing other people to the post if Prof Luo is not happy with the appointment.
President Lungu announced that he will hold on to the post of Defence Minister until further notice.
Missing from the list so far are former vice president, Dr. Guy Scott, former local government minister, Emmanuel Chenda, former Agriculture minister, Wilbur Simusa, former Commerce minister, Bob Sichinga and former Lands minister, Mwansa Kapeya.
The head of state said he will come and complete the appointing of his entire cabinet when he returns from his trip to Angola for a state visit.
President Lungu said he will leave for Angola tomorrow and announced that Vice President Inonge Wina will act in his absence.
President Lungu said he will demand excellence and loyalty from all his cabinet colleagues and warned that he will not hesitate to discipline those that will underperform.
Meanwhile Chipangali MP Vincent Mwale has described his appointment as a blessing from God.
Mr. Mwale told Breeze News that his appointment as Minister has been done with full consultation from the MMD President, Dr. Nevers Mumba
He has promised to ensure that sports is boosted in the country to put Zambia on the world map.

Permanent Secretary, Chileshe Mulenga denies failing to work with easterners demanding his removal.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Dr Chileshe Mulenga has refuted claims that he has failed to work with the people of Eastern Province.
Dr Mulenga says those championing the cause are against him because he has flashed out corrupt elements who were embezzling public funds for their own benefits.
He was speaking when a team from Water Resources Management Authority, WARMA paid a courtesy call on him yesterday.
Dr Mulenga noted that people in Eastern province are generally hard working and that those making noise, there interest was to misuse resources for personal gain.
He says the role of public workers is to serve the country without segregation.
Recently there have been calls for the removal of Dr. Mulenga as Permanent Secretary from Eastern Province by some quarters.

Zambia Railways to lose 10 million United States dollars because of damaged railway line.

The Zambia Railways will this year fail to meet its target of transporting 137, 000 metric tons of cargo, through the Chipata-Mchinji Railway line to the port of Nacala.
This means that the company will lose about 10 million United States dollars.
This is due to the temporary halt of the operations after the rail tracks were washed away by heavy rains in Malawi and Mozambique.
Zambia Railways Director, Professor, Muyenga Attanga has confirmed the development in a press statement availed to Breeze News.
Professor Attanga says that normal operations are expected to resume in April or May this year when the company completes working on the damaged rail trucks.
He says that despite the effect on the rail line, the company is arranging for other alternatives in Malawi and Mozambique to start transporting the cargo through the port of Beira.

Less than half of the money allocated for construction of phase one of Chipata District Hospital released.

Government has only managed to release 3.6 million out of 10 million Kwacha for phase one of the construction works of the Chipata District Hospital.
Eastern Province Medical Officer Able Kabalo says the money was released at the end of 2014.
He says that the construction of phase one consists of Administrative block, X-ray units which are currently at window level and Out Patient Department which is at slab level.
Dr Kabalo says the construction of phase one is expected to be completed in July this year.
He says that once completed, Chipata district hospital will help to improve the health care services.
Dr Kabalo says that construction works for the district hospital is expected to be completed in 2017 as each phase takes about a year to complete.
Meanwhile the Swedish government has released about six ambulances under the support of saving mothers giving life and Centre for Disease Control in some districts of Eastern Province.
Dr Kabalo says the ambulances will be given to six districts which are Chipata, Katete, Petauke, Lundazi and Vubwi.
He says the organization is targeting the mothers giving birth to reduce maternal death and promote safe delivery.

Nyimba district council denies misappropriating seven hundred thousand Kwacha.

Nyimba District Council has dispelled rumors that the seven hundred thousand Kwacha meant for construction of bridges in the district has been misappropriated.
Nyimba District Council Chairperson, Max Kapanta, says that contrary to the reports, the council has done a very good job and that Kasavu, which is one of the bridges under construction, has already been completed.
Mr. Kapanta says that the council employed highly qualified people to carry out the works and that they have been done under close supervision.
He explained that people in Hofmeyer area and Chibeza Ward, where Mfunguzi Bridge is still being constructed should not be misled, as the works are expected to be completed soon.
Mr. Kapanta says the progress on the bridge was even reported during a full council meeting that took place on Monday.
Some people in the district raised queries on why Mfunguzi Bridge is still under construction, when Kasavu Bridge was completed about two weeks ago, suggesting that the council may have spent part of the money on other projects.

Former Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone reappointed provincial minister.

Former Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone has bounced back as provincial minister.
Mr. Sichone’s appointment has been confirmed to Breeze News by President, Edgar Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations, Amos Chanda in a statement.
President Lungu has also appointed Davies Chisopa as provincial minister for Central, Mwenye Musenge for Copperbelt and Brig General Benson Kapaya for Luapula.
Others are Obvious Mwaliteta for Lusaka, Freedom Sikazwe for Northern, Poniso Njeulu for Western and Mwimba Malama for Muchinga.
These appointments indicate a full list of all the 10 provinces in the country.
President Lungu already appointed Dawson Kafwaya as provincial minister for North-Western Province while Nathaniel Mubukwanau was appointed Southern Province minister.

A serious shortage of petrol hits Katete and Sinda districts.

ct each time the filling station in Katete runs out of stock.
He says the A serious shortage of Petrol has hit Sinda district for close to a week now.
Sinda District Commissioner, Janet Mvula confirmed this to Breeze News.
Ms. Mvula explained that the district, which has only one filling station, has been supplying the commodity to motorists from Katete, who are also facing a similar problem.
She says that long queues of vehicles from Katete have been getting Petrol from Sinda since last week.
Ms. Mvula says that authorities at the filling station have indicated that the supply of petrol will only normalize when the huge demand from Katete stops.
Meanwhile, Katete District Commissioner Colonel Peter Kaisa says that he is saddened to see that the only filling station in the district has continued to run out of fuel.
Colonel Kaisa says his office has continued to receive complaints from fuel account holders especially government departments who are being forced to buy fuel from Sinda district each time the filling station in Katete runs out of stock.
He says the situation of fuel shortages should be normalized quickly as the whole district depends on one filling station.

situation of fuel shortages should be normalized quickly as the whole district depends on one filling station.