Chipata Municipal Council exposed

Accusations of illegal allocation of plots at ZRA, Zambia Revenue Authority premises near Saturday Market in Chipata have hit back at Chipata Municipal Council.

Saturday Market Chairperson, Peter Soko told Breeze News that he is in possession of a list of names of nine people who were given offer letters by the council for construction of plots at ZRA back gate.

Mr. Soko says the council should stop accusing the market committee of issuing illegal plots when they are the ones who authorized the construction of shops at the area.

He dared the local authority to challenge ZRA if that land belongs to them, saying the land in question belongs to the traders at the market and not ZRA.

On Friday last week, Chipata Municipal Council gave a stop order to people constructing shops at ZRA offices, saying the land was allocated illegally by the Saturday market committee.

A group called Kum’mawa for Edgar Lungu 2016 formed headed by Colonel Panji Kaunda.

A group called Kum’mawa for Edgar Lungu 2016, KEL 2016, has urged people in Eastern Province to vote for President Edgar Lungu in the August 11 general elections.

KEL 2016 team leader, Colonel Panji Kaunda, says giving votes to the UPND leadership is the worst thing that Zambians and Easterners in particular can do.

In a statement, Colonel Kaunda says the UPND is a party which segregates against the poor, as evidenced by the sidelining of some long serving party leadership, in preference to new members who are rich.

And Colonel Kaunda has appealed to leaders of PF in the province to bring unity in the party and support people officially adopted.

He explained that supporting independent candidates is no guarantee for the party loyalty when they win, as they could turn against the party at any time.

Colonel Kaunda urged women in the province to vote for President Edgar Lungu as he means well for the nation and promotes women participation in national governance.

Zambians visiting South Africa warned

The High Commission of Zambia in Pretoria has advised Zambians countrywide travelling to South Africa, particularly those going to meet church leaders in various parts of the country, to ensure that they make adequate arrangements before setting off on their trip.

In a statement to Breeze FM this morning, press secretary at the mission, Nicky Shabolyo, says the advisory comes in the wake of several Zambians from various parts of the country, getting stranded while in South Africa after running out of money and forced to go without food and to spend nights in the open.

He says the mission does not have resources with which to repatriate the huge numbers of citizens that have continued presenting themselves to the High Commission in Pretoria to seek assistance.

Mr. Shabolyo advised Zambians planning to travel, to first contact their hosts in South Africa so that they could gather all the necessary information pertaining to their trip.

He says it will be important for travellers to make prior arrangements for accommodation, transportation, food and to carry enough money to last them the entire duration of their stay in South Africa.

Mr. Shabolyo also advised that the Republic of South Africa has amended its Immigration Act with parents travelling with a child or minor under 18 years, required to produce an unabridged birth certificate of the child, reflecting the particulars of the parents of the child.

He also says that it was previously allowed to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit whilst using a Visitor’s Visa, but the amended law now prohibits any foreigner from applying for a temporary residence permit while in the country.

Mr. Shabolyo advised Zambians that travel to South Africa to acquaint themselves with the new regulations.

PF dismiss reports of using civil servants in campaigns

The Patriotic Front PF Party in Eastern Province has refuted reports that some civil servants in Chipata are using their party’s name to engage in electoral malpractices.

PF Provincial Chairperson, Andrew Lubusha told Breeze News that there is no way the party members can sink so low to the extent of using civil servants to campaign for them.

Mr. Lubusha says the PF campaign materials are given free to its members without any condition like asking people to surrender their voter’s cards and NRC’s.

Mr. Lubusha was reacting to accusations by some people in Kapata Township that some civil servants are being forced to form women groups whose members are their wives and are promising the women to be given PF Chitenge materials if they surrender their NRC and voters cards.

Meanwhile the UPND, United Party for National Development in Eastern Province has called on ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia to blacklist aspiring candidates who are making donations during campaigns, saying doing so is abrogating the electoral code of conduct.

UPND Provincial Publicity Secretary, Victor Mbuzi says electorates must know that this is the time when aspiring candidates should be telling people what they will do for them when voted into power and not making donations, which are bribes.

A new secondary school launched in Katete district.

Imena Day Secondary School in Katete district has been officially launched.

And Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone has praised Chief Mbango’mbe of the Chewa people for what he has described as the first ever successful Day Secondary School initiative by a traditional leader in Eastern Province.

Speaking at the official launch of Imena Day Secondary School, Mr. Sichone said the school should remain a model as it was the first school built with partnership from the community, foreign partners and government.

Mr. Sichone said government will forever be grateful to Chief Mbango’mbe and Imena Foundation of the Netherlands as the initiative taken by the chief was an empowerment given to the people that will change their lives forever.

He urged other chiefs in the region to emulate Chief Mbango’mbe adding that the royal vision of developing his chiefdom through education was empowerment of the whole community for life.

Meanwhile Chief Mbango’mbe has thanked the government and the Netherland government for the unwavering support towards the project.

He was speaking when Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone paid a curtsey call on him at his palace before the launch of Imena Day Secondary School

Chief Mbango’mbe noted that many are times people cry to government to build them schools but noted that Zambia was too big and therefore needed partners and communities to reach its people.

Patrick Mwanawasa is still deputy PS for Eastern

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo has dismissed reports that deputy permanent secretary Patrick Mwanawasa no longer works for government.

Mr. Kasolo has told Breeze News that Mr. Mwanawasa is still an employee of government but is on official leave.

He explained that Mr. Mwanawasa was given leave to attend to family issues.

Mr. Kasolo says that Mr. Mwanawasa is expected to resume duty this week on Monday.

Questions have been raised as to why assistant secretary Royd Tembo has been acting permanent secretary in the absence of Mr. Kasolo when Mr. Mwanawasa should be the one to act.

Mr. Kasolo who laughed off at insinuations that Mr. Mwanawasa was relieved of his duties, stated that these were lies, which should be ignored.


Some civil servants in Chipata implicated in electoral malpractices.

Some civil servants in Chipata have been accused of engaging in active politics by forming women groups whose members are their wives.

Speaking during a live program dubbed “The Voice” on Breeze FM, this morning, one of the callers only identified as Mrs. Nyirenda from Kapata Township revealed that some civil servants have formed groups of women and are collecting voter’s cards and NRC’s National Registration Cards from the women who are wives of civil servants in the area.

Mrs. Nyirenda says the women are being promised to be given Chitenge materials for the ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party after surrendering their voter’s cards and NRC’s, to the group leaders who return the documents to the owners after few hours.

She wondered what the group leaders, who are civil servants do with the voter’s cards and NRC’s when they collect them.

And in response, Anti- Corruption Commission ACC Investigations Officer, Brian Mbewe says his office will follow up the matter to establish the truth because doing so is wrong.

Mr. Mbewe also advised people against accepting bribes from politicians during political campaigns stating that they risk being prosecuted when reported to ACC.

And FODEP, Foundation for Democratic Process Provincial Secretary, Josphat Chipandwe says people collecting other people’s voter’s cards are abrogating the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Albinos in Eastern Province call for government support

People living with albinism in Eastern Province have called on government to expand the program of providing health care, education and protection to albinos in the province.

Eastern Albino Care Centre in Zambia Director, Zacheus Tembo says doing so will assist a lot of people living with albinism who are in desperate need of basic services.

Mr. Tembo says people living with albinism require special care.

Mr. Tembo says children living with albinism need special eye care before they reach the age of seven but most of them do not manage to access services from eye specialists.

He called on members of the general public to start treating albinos the same way they treat other people, adding that albinism is not a curse but a defect in the skin pigment.

Mr. Tembo says there is need to enforce human rights for special interest groups who have been marginalised for years.

He also condemned the behaviour of people whom he said have continued calling albinos derogatory names saying doing so is stigmatising them.

Teachers involved in elections told to be professional

Teachers, who will be engaged by ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia during the August 11 elections, have been urged to ensure they work professionally.

Chipata District BETUZ, Basic Teachers Union of Zambia, Chairperson, Kondwani Nyimbili and District Secretary, Hix Kaunda, says that teachers must ensure that they are nonpartisan.

And Mr. Nyimbili and Mr. Kaunda have urged the teachers, who were left out in the ECZ recruitment to be calm as BETUZ is working with the district electoral officer to address the matter.

A number of teachers, especially from rural areas expressed concern that during elections, they are often left out and replaced with officers who come from urban areas.

But the two union leaders say they have met ECZ district officials, who have assured them that the concern will be taken into consideration.



TBZ to buy 50,000 kgs of tobacco for independent growers

Independent tobacco growers have finally been assured of a market for their 50,000 kilogrammes of tobacco.

Independent Tobacco Growers Association Chairperson, James Nyirenda has confirmed to Breeze News.

Mr. Nyirenda says that TBZ, Tobacco Board of Zambia has assured the farmers that it will soon buy the produce from farmers in Eastern Province.

He says that TBZ has instructed farmers to ensure that they properly pack their tobacco, which has been stuck due to lack of market.

Mr. Nyirenda expressed happiness that government has attended to their grievances like it did last marketing season when independent growers were also stuck with their cash crop.

Last week, the association appealed to government through the provincial administration to assist them find market for their produce.