Paramount Chief Mbelwa calls on traditional leaders to stop wrangles as they divide people.

Paramount Chief Mbelwa of the Ngoni people of Malawi says that wrangles among traditional leaders can easily affect development in their areas.
The traditional leader observes that it is therefore very important for wrangles among traditional leaders to be ironed out amicably.
He explained that misunderstandings among traditional leaders often lead to regionalisation among people.
The traditional leader noted that some of the misunderstandings are historical.
Paramount Chief Mbelwa said this yesterday on the side lines of the Kulamba Ceremony of the Chewa people of Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.
The traditional leader says that big ceremonies such as the Kulamba that bring together people from various countries are important, as they help foster unity across borders.

Vice president Inonge Wina tells chiefs to foster national reconciliation

Government has urged chiefs in the country to be fostering national reconciliation among all Zambians.
Republican Vice President, Inonge Wina, says that this will help Zambians to co-exist regardless of political, religious, and ethnic affiliations.
Ms. Wina says that traditional leaders play an important role in maintaining peace in the country.
She said this yesterday at Mkaika Chewa Headquarters in Katete, during the Kulamba Ceremony.
Meanwhile, Ms. Wina says that government is aware of the need to improve the road network especially in rural areas.

She said that most roads are currently impassable, but emphasised that government is constructing roads in most parts of the country through the link Zambia 8000 project, which has created jobs for many Zambians.
The vice president also mentioned that in an effort to ensure that rural parts have access to power, government through REA, the Rural Electrician Authority, has taken power to four clinics in Katete district.
And Ms. Wina assured farmers in the province that the PF government will continue to support agriculture.
She explained that it is possible to eradicate poverty and attain household food security in rural areas through agriculture.
Ms. Wina also explained that government has taken up many projects in the education sector in order to improve the quality of education in the country.

HH urges government to start addressing issues that Zambians are raising.

United Party for National Development, UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema, says that government must start addressing issues that traditional leaders and Zambians are raising.
Mr. Hichilema observes that the failure by the PF government to address challenges that Zambians are facing is now becoming a growing concern.
He mentioned the depreciation of the Kwacha, hunger, high poverty levels and high unemployment levels, as some of the challenges that Zambians are facing.
Mr. Hichilema says that the situation is worse for people in rural areas because of what he described as the total collapse of the agricultural sector.
He says that Zambians have finally realised that the PF duped them through the “more money in your pocket” slogan, because the country’s economy is now in serious problems.
Mr. Hichilema observed that the Kwacha will continue to face serious challenges against other convertible currencies, unless the country starts producing and exporting goods.
And Mr. Hichilema says that the country’s constitution must be delivered in full rather than piecemeal amendments.
He says that a constitution is fundamental to the country and it is important for government to respect the wishes of Zambians.

The MMD to use a different strategy when contesting the Msuzi local government by-election.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD says it will use a different strategy when contesting the Msuzi local government by-election.
Provincial Chairperson, Jacob Mwanza says that the party has learnt a lesson from what happened during the filing in of nomination papers for Nthinthimila ward by-election.
Mr. Mwanza says that the MMD will not make its candidate known until the day of filing in of nomination papers.
Msuzi Ward fell vacant after death of area councillor Brown Chirwa in July but ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia has not yet set a date for by-election.
The MMD candidate shocked his leaders and supporters, when he disappeared at the time he was expected to file in his nomination papers last week on Tuesday.
Meanwhile MMD suspended Youth Provincial Chairperson Chembe Daka says that what happened to MMD in Nthinthimila ward is a tip of what will happen in 2016.
Mr. Daka says that there is no way the candidate could have pulled out at the last minute if the MMD has strong national leadership.
He charged that more members are expected to pull a similar move in the run up to the 2016 general elections.

The Food Reserve Agency buys over 110,000 bags of maize in Lundazi district.

The Food Reserve Agency FRA in Lundazi district has so far purchased 110,800 by 50 kilogramme bags of maize since the market opened on 17th August.
District Agricultural Coordinator, Philemon Lungu told Breeze News that the number of bags bought is out of the targeted 216,000 by 50 kilogramme.
Mr. Lungu stated that the number of bags bought is from the 19 satellite depots doted around the district, adding that the number bought is already slightly above half of the target.
And a spot check by Breeze News at Mthuzi satellite depot in Chief Mphamba’s area found the marketing exercise progressing well.
Alick Phiri of Kanyenda village said the marketing exercise was moving on smoothly and corrupt free.
And Clever Mtonga of Mphongolo village in Chief Kapichila’s area appealed to government to pay farmers on time.
The FRA has targeted to purchase 90,000 metric tonnes of maize from Eastern Province this marketing season.

Government acquires 750 hectares of land for investment in Chipata, which will create over 5,000 jobs.

The provincial administration has acquired 750 hectares of land for investment in Chipata, which will create over 5,000 jobs.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo revealed this at a Standard Chartered Bank Coctail held in Chipata last evening.
Mr. Kasolo explained that 50 hectors of this land has been given to ZNS, the Zambia National Service to set up a huge milling plant employing over 500 people and that they have already started clearing the land.
He also stated that government will also set up an industrial cluster, which promises to create over 5,000 jobs to local people.
Mr. Kasolo further explained that Zam Capital, a parastatal under the Vice president’s office, will set up a muti facilitaty factory, mainaly based on producing food for animals.
He says that Zam Capital intends to put up 650 houses, a secondary school, police station and a clinic among other facilities.
And Mr. Kasolo says that there is need to use the Chipata-Mchinji Railway line more effectively and more commercially.
He revealed that Zambia Railways has advertised a tender for putting up of a dry port, which he says will create more business activity.
The permanent secretary stated that all these investiments were reasons enough for Standard Chartered to etsbliash physical presence in Eastern Province.
And speaking earlier, Standard Chartered Bank, Head of Retail Clients for Southern Africa, Sonny Zulu said that his team was in Chipata to study the market.
Mr. Zulu said that the bank would then come up with reports, which will eventually be the basis under which the bank will make a decision to invest in Chipata.
He however, expressed happiness with the developments taking place in Chipata stating that it was an ideal place for investiment.
Mr. Zulu indicated that the bank already had customers in Chhipata using digital plaforms to do banking with Stan Chart.
Meanwhile Youth and Sports Minister, Vincent Mwale has called for creative minds and less dependenace on formal jobs.
Speaking during a Standard Charetered Bank Coctail last evening, Mr. Mwale observed that there is too much dependence on formal jobs by young Zambians when they graduate from univertisties and colleges.
He indicated that Zambians need to develop minds of entrepresureship when they acquire skills, if the country is to develop.
And Mr. Mwale says that he was excited with plans by Standard Chartered Bank to invest in Chipata as it would create competition in the banking sector.
He commended the bank for taking up a social reposibility to provide financial education to pupils at Hillside Girls Secondary School.
Mr. Mwale indicated that pupils needed such knowledge to develop a right mindset, which can be able to identify business opportunities.
And speaking during the same occasion, Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry EPCCI President, Thomas Mtonga encouraged Standard Chartered Bank to invest in Chipata.
Mr. Mtonga stated that Chipata had 9 banks, making it the second town from Lusaka in the country to have the highest number of banks operating.

Infrastruture at the Psychiatric Department at Chipata General Hospital has completely run down.

Infrastructure at the Psychiatric Department at Chipata General Hospital is reported to have completely run down.
Jonathan Mwale, who is in charge of the Psychiatric Department says, the infrastructure has not been rehabilited for a long, resulting in the roof for the building falling.
Mr. Mwale complained that the department is one of the most neglected at the hospital as it is faced with a number of challenges.
He says that the department is in need of a separate wing, so that they can be keeping patients who are violent, as they can be dangerous to society, especially those who visit them.
And Mr. Mwale says that society has a tendency of neglecting, stigmatising and discriminating psychiatric patients as they do not know that anyone can be a victim at any time,
Mr Mwale says that there are many factors that leads to a person being a victim such as poverty, unemployment and divorce among others.
He has asked the Social Welfare Department to help patients who recover from mental problems with money to start up businesses.

The Food Reserve Agency in Katete district has bought 82, 000 bags of maize

The Food Reserve Agency FRA in Katete district has bought 82, 000 bags of maize since the maize marketing opened about two weeks ago.
Breeze FM Staffer, Gift Phiri reports that Katete district Agricultural Coordinator, Robby Musendo, says that this is about 30 percent of the total target of 234, 000 bags for the district.
He explained that going by the way the maize buying exercise is going on, the district is likely to overshot the target.
Mr. Musendo says that this is because indications are that farmers in the 22 FRA depots across the district still have a lot of maize.
He says that transportation of the maize from the satellite depots to the main depot has already commenced.
Mr. Musendo explained that the maize is being transported to the main deport early, to ensure that it safely kept, as conditions in some satellite depots are not very conducive.
And Mr,Musendo says that farmers whose maize was bought at 70 Kwacha will have their payments adjusted to the 75 Kwacha price.
He mentioned that by the time President Edagr Lungu adjusted the maize floor price to 75 Kwacha, FRA had already bought about 10, 000 bags of maize.
Mr. Musendo also says that so far, the district is not facing any storage in shortage space for the maize being bought.

The UPND says Zambia needs a president with economic background.

The United Party for National Development UPND in Eastern Province says that time has come for their leader to become the country’s president.
UPND Provincial Chairperson, Paul Thole says that it clear that the country’s economy is in shambles and can only be salvaged by a president who has a business background.
Mr. Thole charged that the country now needs to concentrate on improving the economy since presidents with law background have failed to give Zambians a new constitution.
He says that electricity load shedding, poor performance of the Kwacha against other convertible currencies and high foreign debt is too much for ordinary Zambians to contain.
Mr. Thole says that it is important for Zambians to vote for Hakainde Hichilema in next year’s general election if they want to see change.
Meanwhile Mr. Thole has appealed to the provincial administration to intervene in a matter, where the district commissioner’s office in Mambwe has blacklisted disabled people who attended a UPND meeting in January this year.
He says that government should not discriminate any particular grouping for political reasons because they are also Zambians.

Briefcase buyers offload huge quantities of maize on Food Reserve Agency markets in Katete district.

Katete Patriotic Front District Chairperson Joseph Makukula has warned briefcase maize buyers to stop exploiting and disadvantaging peasant farmers.

He told ZANIS in Katete that it is unfortunate that briefcase farmers are reselling the maize to FRA, the Food Reserve Agency.

Mr. Makukula explained that since government announced the new price, briefcase buyers in the district have decided to offload their maize to various FRA depots, thereby disadvantaging small scale farmers who have a few bags to sell.

He says the PF, Patriotic Front District team had taken time to go round the satellite depots to see the response from small scale farmers but discovered that some briefcase maize buyers had offloaded huge quantities at the depots with a view of making profits.

He says because of this scenario peasant farmers are forced to wait in the cold for their grain to be bought.

Mr. Makukula warned that the party in the district will not sit idle and watch the small scale farmers suffer.

He added that government had increased the buying price this year to empower the small scale farmers and not to make briefcase buyers richer.