Over 28,000 grade nine pupils to sit for Computer Study exams.

Over 28,000 grade nine pupils in Eastern Province have registered to write this year’s Computer Study exams.

Eastern Province Education Officer Allan Lingambe has confirmed to Breeze News.

Dr. Lingambe says that 28,500 grade nine pupils have registered while only 900 did not register to sit for the exams.

He says that challenges in computers are what have resulted in the 900 pupils deciding not to write the exams.

Dr. Lingambe says that recently the Ministry of General Education held a meeting with head teachers, where it was agreed that any school, which has more than six computers should hold the exams.

He explained that there was so much excitement among pupils over computer studies and that this is why the ministry is making sure that those who registered write without being inconvenienced.

The provincial education officer reiterated that the Ministry of General Education does not expect to face similar challenges like those of last year, where lack of computers had pupils sitting for exams late into the night.

Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale has been installed.

Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale has today been installed.

This was at a colourful ceremony, which took place this morning at Chipata Municipal Council.

Mr Mwale was given a mayoral chain, a red gown, white gloves and a black Cape to put on as symbols of Authority in presence of Town Clerk, Davies Musenge, Eastern Province Minister, Makebi Zulu, other top government officials, councillors and traditional leaders.

The town clerk, Davies Musenge also announced that the first ordinary meeting of the Chipata Municipal Council that adjourned will resume business today.

And newly elect Chipata Deputy Mayoress, Grace Phiri has been sworn in.

Ms Phiri, who is Msandile PF ward councillor, was sworn in at the council this morning by the mayor.

She promised to protect and preserve the constitution of Zambia without fear, favour or malice.

Ms Phiri went unopposed in an election held yesterday. Four other councillors expressed interest to contest but later withdrew their candidature.

UPND in Eastern Province wants Dr. Banda expelled.

The United Party for National Development, UPND in Eastern Province, has expressed dissatisfaction with the suspension of the party’s vice president for politics, Dr. Canicius Banda.

Provincial Chairperson, Paul Thole, says going by the conduct of Dr. Banda, he deserved an expulsion.

Mr. Thole says that Dr. Banda’s conduct where he went to the media to discuss internal matters, is uncalled for, as the UPND has laid down procedures of resolving internal differences.

And Mr. Thole says sentiments that the provincial leadership is betraying Dr. Banda because he is from Eastern Province are misplaced.

He explained that a wrong is a wrong regardless of the relationship between people.

And National chairperson for Youth for Sports Development, Michael Chuzu, says Dr. Banda was talked to on a number of occasions but continued issuing demeaning statements against the party.

He said that a party is more important than individuals and that it is not true that Dr. Banda has been suspended because of the rumours that he want to defect from the party.

Dr. Banda has indicated that he will only comment on his suspension when he receives the suspension letter from UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Anoya Zulu Seondary School spends over K700,000.

A financial report at Anoya Zulu Secondary School in Chipata has revealed that the school is spending slightly over 700,000 Kwacha between September 2015 and September this year.

The Income and Expenditure report shows higher expenditure going towards administrative costs and purchase and maintenance of vehicles.

The report shows the school is spending slightly over 146,000 Kwacha on administration and about 663,000 Kwacha on purchasing a school bus and repairs of vehicles.

About 85,000 Kwacha will be spent on maintenance and rehabilitation while supporting staff will gobble about 82,000 Kwacha in salaries.

Co-curricular contributions amount to about 28,000 Kwacha, sports and other activities about 10,000 Kwacha while about 31,000 Kwacha will be spent on examinations.

The report further reveals that the school is owed about 346,000 Kwacha in uncollected school fees.

The report was presented to parents during the PTA, Parents Teachers Association meeting held over the weekend at the school.


Poor infrastructure at Chideza Primary School worries parents

Poor infrastructure at Chideza Primary School in Chipangali Constituency has worried parents in the area.

Speaking on behalf of other parents, Cryson Tonga told Breeze News that since 1998, the school has experienced shortage of teachers due to lack of infrastructure at the school.

Mr. Tonga, who expressed deep disappointment, alleged that government has denied the school developmental support, despite the community making some initiatives that have seen the school run until now.

He explained that a school which has grades 1 to 7 has only 3 qualified teachers, a situation which he says has compromised the quality of education being offered to the pupils.

Mr Tonga further indicated that to support the few teachers at the school, the parents are forced to hire untrained teachers and contribute money towards their salaries.

He has charged that some parents have decided not to take their children to the school because they cannot afford to make the contributions required.

Mr Tonga has asked government to send officers to the school so that they assess the situation as soon as possible.

Provincial Education Officer, Allan Lingambe could not be reached for comment by News time.

However, recently Dr. Lingambe indicated that some of the recently recruited teachers would be sent to schools in dire need of trained teachers.

UPND says convention is not a priority

The United Party for National Development UPND says holding a convention is currently not a priority.

Provincial Spokesperson, Victor Mbuzi says that the party would rather concentrate on getting justice because its votes were stolen in the August 11 general elections.

Mr. Mbuzi says that the party is determined in taking the presidential petition case to the International Criminal Court, ICC, and International Court of Justice, ICJ.

He charged that former Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Lameck Mangani should desist from commenting on issues of a convention because it is an internal matter.

Mr. Mbuzi says that according to the UPND constitution, the party is supposed to hold its national convention in 2018.

But former Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Lameck Mangani says that people cannot stop talking about UPND because it is the second biggest party in the country.

Mr. Mangani reiterated that UPND should go for a convention so that it can sort out its internal wrangles involving its two vice presidents.

Mr. Mangani further indicated that taking the presidential petition case to ICC and ICJ will not help UPND because he has never seen a petition case, which has failed in a country succeeding in these two international courts.


UPND Vice President for Politics Dr. Canisius Banda suspended

UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema, has suspended party Vice President for Politics Dr. Canisius Banda for gross misconduct.

In a letter dated September 22nd, Mr Hichilema explains that in addition to other negative activities, Dr. Banda has issued several inflammatory, derogatory and defamatory statements against other senior members of the Party.

He said news articles in the Daily Nation edition of the 17th and 19th attributed to him had brought the name of the Party into ridicule and public odium in the minds of right thinking Zambians.

Mr. Hichilema reminded Dr. Banda that he has made several attempts to talk to him over the matter but to no avail.

He explained that, by virtue of the powers vested in him, under Article 74(d) of the UPND party Constitution, he has charged Dr. Banda with gross misconduct.

The letter says Dr. Banda has seven days in which to exculpate himself pertaining to the charge levelled against him.

Dr. Banda has been a subject of impending defection to the PF among Party members, an issue he has categorically denied.

Most PF councillors interested in contesting Chipata Deputy Mayor position

A number of Patriotic Front, PF councilors in Chipata district have expressed interest in contesting the position of Deputy Mayor tomorrow.

PF district chairperson, Peter Msimuko, who confirmed this to Breeze FM, says that the civic leaders have a democratic right to contest the seat.

He, however, says that the party is this afternoon meeting all its councilors to among other things, discuss tomorrow’s elections for deputy mayor.

He says currently, there is no preferred candidate, but that during the district party meeting, members will resolve whether to come up with one name, or allow councilors to compete.

Chipata district only has one councilor from the opposition MMD, with the rest coming from PF.

Police deny giving UPND procession permit

The Zambia Police has described as total misinterpretation of facts, the reports circulating on social media indicating that Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja has allowed UPND members to conduct a procession from their party secretariat to the residence of their Party President, Hakainde Hichilema.

Dismissing the reports in Lusaka today, Police Deputy Spokesperson, Esther Mwaata Katongo, says the correct position is that the party has not been allowed to proceed with the procession based on security concerns.

She says party officials were advised to present their petition to their party leaders right at their secretariat, after which they would be expected to disperse peacefully.

Last week, the opposition UPND had written to the Inspector General of Police to allow party members hold a peaceful walk from the Party Secretariat to the residence of their President, Hakainde Hichilema.

Party Secretary General, Stephen Katuka, said that the objective of the walk was to petition the UPND President and his running-mate, Geoffrey Mwamba, to take the presidential petition case to the International Criminal Court, ICC, and International Court of Justice, ICJ.

Some traders start paying back presidential loans

Some traders who got loans under the Presidential Empowerment Scheme in Chipata have started paying back the money.

Kapata Market Chairperson, Richard Lunda, who is representing traders under NATMAZ, National Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia, confirmed to Breeze News that an organization called Amaka sent people to start collecting the money from marketeers and vendors.

Mr. Lunda however, could not state how many traders have managed to pay back the money out of the 68 that collected in April this year.

Mr. Lunda says this is a good move because it means other people who registered for the funds will also benefit.

He says over 5,000 marketeers and vendors registered for the Presidential Empowerment Fund adding that the marketeers are from about ten markets under NATMAZ in the district.