Thieves steal property worth over K150,000 from a Chinese National in Chipata.

Thieves have broken into a house of a Chinese National and stolen assorted household goods valued at 150 thousand kwacha and thousands of cash in Moth extension area in Chipata.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya confirmed to Breeze News that the incident happened in the early hours of yesterday but was reported this morning by the owner of the house Chain Young Xing aged 37.

Mr. Chilufya says the criminals who were armed with machetes, knives and other offensive weapons, also stole 80 thousand Zambian Kwacha, 1,100 United State dollars and about 2, 000 Chinese Yuan from the house.

He says Mr. Xing and the other Chinese National who were in the house were not injured.

No arrests have been made so far as police have instituted investigations into the matter.

Meanwhile Mr. Chilufya has confirmed that police yesterday apprehended MMD Provincial Chairperson, Jacob Mwanza and Treasurer, Christopher Zulu and charged them with assault.

He says Mr. Mwanza and Mr. Zulu who were later released on police bond will appear in court soon.

Meanwhile, MMD Provincial Chairperson, Jacob Mwanza refuted assaulting MMD Provincial Publicity Secretary, Zephenia Kaleya.

He says he was with the group of MMD members who wanted to find out where Mr. Kaleya had taken the party vehicle but did not take part in beating him up.

The Sata family appeals to Zambians to respect their political decisions.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo has defended the Sata family from attacks that they are disorganized.

Mr. Kasolo told the media in Chipata that following the death of late Republican President, Michael Sata, many family members have decided to leave the Patriotic Front Party for reasons known to themselves.

Mr. Kasolo says the decisions by Matero MP Miles Sampa, who is the nephew to Mr. Sata to form his own party and the son to Mr. Sata, Mulenga to join the opposition UPND have been accepted by members of the family because the two have a right to make their own decisions.

Mr. Kasolo who is a family representative has appealed to people to treat the Sata family with respect following the divisions that have ensued among family members.

Illegal trading stands at Kapata Modern Market demolished

Officers from Chipata Municipal Council this morning swung into action demolishing illegal market structures at Kapata Modern Market.

Town Clerk Davies Musenge confirmed that the local authority had pulled down the structures because the owners ignored a council directive not to build.

Mr. Musenge says that the structures have been demolished because they were built on top of culverts.

Mr. Musenge charged that the council will not allow such structures, which compromises the image of Chipata town which is seeking city status.

He says that those affected by the council’s move should engage the local authority so that they can be given alternative land where to build.

Meanwhile the affected traders have complained over the decision by the council to demolish their structures because their personal belongings had also been destroyed.

The traders, who were treated to a rude shock when they visited the market this morning, stated that the council should have notified them before taking the action.

NGOCC calls for review of repugnant laws

The Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council NGOCC says that there is need to review the many unacceptable laws which hamper the work of the media.

Executive Director Engwase Mwale says that it is sad that while Zambia remains a democracy, it still has laws which impede the free flow of information like the defamation of the President and other insult laws.

She states that it is high time the law on the defamation of the President was reviewed in line with the spirit of democracy.

In a statement availed to Breeze News, Ms Mwale says that the importance of a free press in a democracy cannot be over emphasised as the media has an important role to play as a watchdog of society.

She says that NGOCC remains concerned with the many challenges which Zambian Journalists face on a daily basis in the discharge of their duties.

Ms Mwale says that this year’s theme: “Access to Information and Fundamental Freedom –This is Your Right!” Could not have come at a better time than now, when Zambians are heading for a general election to elect a leadership that is going to guarantee this right.



Meanwhile Ms Mwale says that her organisation is also saddened with the heightened violence against Journalists especially by political cadres adding that there are unprecedented levels of intolerance by political cadres against Journalists.

She has appealed to all political leaders to publicly denounce violence and allow the media to work freely.

Ms Mwale has however, noted that the bias by some media is without doubt further polarising the media.

MMD Provincial chairperson arrested for assault

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD Provincial Chairperson, Jacob Mwanza and Chipata District Treasurer, Christopher Zulu were detained at Chipata Central Police Station for allegedly assaulting MMD Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary, Zephenia Kaleya.

A check by Breeze News at Chipata Central Police Station around 16 hours yesterday found Mr. Mwanza and Mr. Zulu being led to a police cell.

And Mr. Kaleya narrated to Breeze News that Mr. Mwanza and Mr. Zulu attacked him on Friday along airport road for unknown reasons.

He says the two MMD officials stopped his vehicle as he was escorting Sisinje Ward councillor, Samuel Lugomo Phiri to Chipata Central Hospital.

Mr. Kaleya says Mr. Mwanza and Mr. Zulu with other MMD members dragged him out of the vehicle and started beating him up.

He says he managed to escape back to the vehicle and rushed to Chipata Central Police Station to report the matter and was given a medical form.

But when contacted for a comment, Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya said that he had not yet received a report on the matter.

Mr. Chilufya said that he will be able to comment on the incident today after receiving an official report from his officers.

By about 19 hours, Mr Mwanza and Mr Zulu were reported to have been released on police bond.

CDF projects stall in Katete district

Some projects under CDF, Constituency Development Fund have stalled in Katete district due to government’s delay in releasing the money.

Mphangwe Ward Councillor Vincent Mbewe told Breeze News in Katete that a number of projects have stalled due to lack of funds.

Mr. Mbewe cited Mwaziputa Clinic in Chief Mbangombe’s area as one of the projects that has stalled due to lack of funds.

He explained that the project started in 2015 but works have been suspended due to untimely release of funds for 2015 – 2016 CDF.

Mr. Mbewe stated that completing the project on time would help address the current situation were pregnant women are forced to walk long distances to access medical services.

And Mr. Mbewe has appealed to government to release the funds so that uncompleted projects can be completed.

Political parties in Eastern Province agree to avoid violence

Church mother bodies in Eastern province have advised political parties in the region to preach peace in their respective parties.

This came to light during a political indaba attended by EFZ, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, CCZ, Council of Churches in Zambia, Caritas Chipata and various political parties.

Speaking on behalf of the church mother bodies, Bishop Secretary Fr. Jacob Zulu says political parties should talk about peace in their parties to avoid losing peace that the country is enjoying.

Fr. Zulu says political parties should act quickly and responsibly by consulting the church in resolving their differences to save lives of people from political violence.

He added that political parties should not wait until people are killed from political violence for them to act.

The indaba which was attended by seven different political parties resolved that no political party in Eastern province will condone violence.

The provincial party officials resolved that police should introduce a fast track court to deal with the perpetrators of violence to deter others from the vice.

They further resolved that the media should be the agents of peace and reconciliation in Eastern province because it is a tool which can unite people and promote peace and love.

Over two million Kwacha has been stolen at Cavmont Bank Chipata branch.

Unknown robbers have broken into Cavmont Bank Chipata Branch and gone away with over two million Kwacha cash.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya, confirmed the incident to Breeze News on Tuesday.

Mr. Chilufya says that the robbery may have occurred after midnight and was reported to police by management around 10 hours Tuesday morning.

The police commissioner says that the robbers also went away with over six thousand United States dollars and over two thousand, four hundred Pounds.

Mr. Chilufya says that police have launched investigations into the matter.

Journalists in Chipata commemorate World Press Freedom Day.

Journalists in Chipata have joined the rest of the world in commemorating World Press Freedom Day.

And government says it attaches great importance to ensuring that the media is free in its operations.

Speaking during the commemoration in Chipata this morning, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo says this can be seen by the many media houses that have invaded the country in the past years.

He says journalists should operate in an ethical way adding that government will ensure that the Freedom to Information bill is turned into law.

Mr. Kasolo has however challenged journalists to be objective in their reporting and concentrate on matters that affect people in rural areas and the community than reporting issues that can lead to divisions in the country.

And Mr. Kasolo has condemned any attacks on the media.

And speaking earlier, Chipata Press Club Vice Chairperson, Osward Yambani asked government to critically look into matters that affect journalists such as political harassments and ensure that the Freedom to Information Bill is turned into law.

Mr. Yambani expressed disappointment that none of the cadres, who attacked Breeze FM and Radio Chikaya in Lundazi have been arrested.

He however thanked the police for arresting the people that attacked journalists from Post Newspaper Chipata and Feel Free Radio Station.

The event is being commemorated under the theme ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOM – THIS IS YOUR RIGHT

Condrill Construction Company to complete works on the Great East Road in July

Condrill Construction Company is expected to complete works on the Great East Road in July this year.

Road Development Agency RDA Regional Manager Thomas Zimba has confirmed in an interview with Breeze News.

Mr Zimba says that the company had suspended works for some time after facing some logistical challenges, which have since been addressed.

He says that despite the contractor facing some challenges, he is determined to complete the works on the Luangwa-Sinda stretch according to schedule.

And Mr Zimba says that RDA is so far impressed with the quality of works being done by Condrill Construction Company.

Early this year, the provincial administration had expressed concern that the company was not moving at the same pace with Mota Engil who is equally carrying road works on the Great East Road.