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Chipata Radio Services (CRS), established a community-based commercial radio station located in Chipata, the provincial headquarters of the Eastern Province on February 16th, 2000. The radio station operates as Breeze FM.

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Breeze FM has an average broadcasting radius of 300 kilometres. The radius covers Chipata, the provincial capital of eastern Zambia and parts of all the surrounding  14 districts. The Station’s radius captures a population of over 1,000,000 people, which is about 77 per cent of the regional population of 1.3 million. About 76 per cent of the population in the coverage area live in rural areas while 24 per cent are in urban zones. The station signal is also clearly received 135 kilometres away in the Masase area of Serenje district, Central Province and in Mpika, Northern Province. The signal also spills over into north-west Malawi and the border areas of Mozambique.


Breeze FM has a public service mission and broadcasts a uniquely focused service for the local community, a mix of interesting local programmes, music and news. Emphasis is placed on the most critical areas of development and issues concerning people’s livelihood. The station’s mission is to ‘stimulate prosperity in the coverage area by creating access to useful, relevant and up-to-date information that will give growth at personal, family and community levels’. 



The station signal is also clearly received 135 kilometres away in the Masase area of Serenje district, Central Province and in Mpika, Northern Province. The signal also spills over into north-west Malawi and the border areas of Mozambiques

Justin Mwanza

Justin is the host of the BreakFast Show and is the so-called life of the party! If you are looking for a good time on the airwaves and in real life, then Justin is your man!

Rumbidzai Munyuki

In her own words, Rumbidzai describes herself as someone who LOVES music, is a big fan of tv shows, isn’t a fan of pets, is always available for a food date and is an extrovert. She is also the host of our Tilipo programme.

Juma Milanzi

Wherever Juma Gift Milanzi goes, be rest assured that there is something new and interesting you will learn from his trip as he always interacts with the locals of that particular area in a manner that makes him one of the most loved voices and people on radio.

Francyn Miti

Francyn is a lover of peace and her favourite place in the world is when she is surrounded by nature. Reading novels and taking walks are just a few of her favourite things.

Febby Phiri

Affectionately known as “Mama Eastern Power”, Febby Phiri is one of the staunch and staple favourites amongst listeners. She fondly remembers practicing being a radio presenter and imagined being live on air at a very tender age in her bedroom and would mimick casting news and on air presentation.

Alfred Zulu

Alfred Alick Zulu is a self-motivated programs producer and presenter who loves being in communities interacting with people on matters of governance.

Sales & Technical


Patrick Muchonka

Patrick is the Station’s Go to Person for everything Marketing and Sales. Gifted the moniker “1-Muchonka”, he is responsible for sales generation and business negotiation.

Isaac Nkhoma

Isaac is the Head of the Technical Department who ensures that all broadcast equipment and transmission sites are up and running.

Paul Moyo

Paul is a Jack of all trades and is a Broadcast Technician and Presenter who is in charge of the station's music data base. Aside from presenting and news casting, he also operates and adjusts various pieces of audio during transmission to ensure the best quality sound.

Monica Ngoma

Monica is our Technical Department Office Assistant who is an avid lover and player of netball.
Mable Gershom Phiri

Award-winning journalist Mable is the General of our Newsroom.  She is a News Reporter and the Station’s News Editor who ensures that all our news bulletins are fresh, on time and factual.

Olivia NKhata

Olivia is our gun in the newsroom that takes pride in providing the best possible information to all kinds of people on issues of public interest while observing ethical guidelines. As a journalist, her goals include becoming a renowned and an award winning media personnel both at national and international level.


Meet Breeze Fm Newsroom

Our news broadcasters are highly skilled individuals who possess excellent communication skills, a strong command of language, and a deep understanding of current events.

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Breeze FM is a radio station that is known for playing the latest and greatest tunes around the clock. It is a popular choice for music lovers who want to stay up to date with the latest hits and enjoy their favorite songs all day long.

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Breeze FM is also known for its engaging hosts, who provide insightful commentary on the latest music news, celebrity gossip, and trends. They often interview musicians, singers, and other industry professionals to provide their listeners with an inside look at the music world.

Breeze FM provided us with fantastic support and service while we established and managed an internet radio station during the lockdown and afterwards. The platform is wonderful and simple to use, and it got us started when we needed it most. The support crew was really helpful in every manner to get us up and running. Thank you really lot.

Anthony YouTube Subscriber

Breeze FM responds to all of your questions, generally the same day. They promote videos created by creators who have previously done radio and are well-versed on the subject. This is done so that you can succeed without incurring any additional costs. They provide masterclass videos without the need for costly subscriptions.

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